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“Soul from the Past, Style from da Future”

IMG_8382Stopping for no critics, BROWN comes into da r n b game with a fresh look, different swagger, and a lyrical style that is sure to be called the missing link in the rnb world. BROWN is a combination of lyrical talent from two different worlds and cultural background all in one. SAM BROWN aka BROWN born and raised in ST LOUIS MO commends his style of old school with a mixture of the new for being his force of his talent. BROWN started to embrace his talent and skills by poetry writing at the age of 14 years old. His inspiration soared from the legendary AL GREEN and his song entitled “BECAUSE OF YOU.” By high school, BROWN began singing in classrooms and in the cafeteria for his audience to get a taste of his lyrical talent. BROWN was formed emphasizes the intentions of expressing his views on life and the streets to the world. This artist brings forth soulful feel good rnb music to da game, and has the intent to show his perception of what is good music with a meaning. BROWN style is unique, and has grasp of a soul from the past combined with the present and the future. BROWN is currently signed to the indie label Maxima Records that is based out of Houston, Texas. MILWAUKEE WI He is anticipating and waiting for the shock that his music is sure to bring to the rap game as it stands today.”

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